How to Submit Midterm Verifications


This article will show you how to enter and submit Midterm Verifications in Faculty Self-Service.


These are the steps that must be followed to submit midterm verifications.

  1. Login to MVConnect  

  1. In the Self-Service Menu, click on FACULTY

  1. Click on Faculty Information, then click on New Faculty Self-Service.  

  1. When self-service opens, click on the Section name/title to select the desired course  

  1. Select the Grading Tab Midterm Verification 
To enter in Midterm Verification, click on the Grading tab.

  2. Select Midterm Verification  Midterm Verification 
Click on Midterm Verification to access Midterm Verification submission.  

  3. You have two verification options when submitting Midterm Attendance “N” or “V”  



    Select a Midterm Grade of N, if by the Midterm Verification date, a student fails to demonstrate progressive academic attendance, and/or has stopped attending.

    The student should be marked as “N” for No Longer Attending / Not Attending



    Select a Midterm Grade of V, for students that have been in regular attendance and/or are making academic progress.

    The student should be marked as "V" for Verified Attending

    NOTE: You must fill in a status for all students

  4. Once you have reviewed all students in your section, you must click on the blue Midterm Grading Complete button  Midterm Verification 
To submit Midterm Verification, click on the Midterm Grading Complete button.  

    NOTE:  If you do not hit the CONTINUE button on the next pop-up, the record is left open and will be reported as missing Midterm Attendance  Midterm Verification 
Click Continue to complete your Midterm grading.   
  5.  Once submitted, the Midterm Grading Complete button will turn grey, and the screen will be locked.

Additional Resources

If you experience issues with Self-Service, please contact the Help Desk at 708-608-4357.

If you need to make corrections to your Midterm Verification, please call Registration at: 708-974-2110 or email

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