Learn: How to connect your devices to MVCC WiFi


This article will show you how to connect your device to MVCC WiFi. 


These are the steps that must be followed to access the MVCC WiFi.

iOS Device

  1. Home screen > Settings > Wireless networks. Be sure your WiFi is on.
  2. Select “MVCC” network.
  3. At “Enter Password” prompt, enter your MVCC username and password (same as MVConnect), and touch “Join” in the upper right.
  4. At “Certificate” screen, the certificate presented should be from “networkauth.morainevalley.edu.” Touch “Trust” in the upper right, and you will be connected to WiFi.


Android Device

  1. Home or Apps screen > Settings > WiFi. Be sure your WiFi is on.
  2. Select “MVCC” network.
  3. In the drop-down menus, select "PEAP" for EAP Method, "MSCHAPV2" for Phase 2 Authentication, and "Do Not Validate" for CA Certificate.
  4. You will be prompted with a large login box with multiple settings. Enter your MVCC username in the “Identity” field and password in the “Password” field (same as MVConnect). Please note: You may need to scroll the login window down in order to see the password field once the on-screen keyboard comes up.
  5. Leave “Anonymous Identity” blank and do not change any of the other settings.
  6. Touch “Connect,” and you will be connected to WiFi.

NOTE: Android 11 on Google Pixel Phones

With the release of Android 11, Google increased security on the certificate validation method when connecting to enterprise WiFi networks.  As of this writing, this change has only been implemented on Google Pixel phones, but will eventually be released to other Android based devices.  The settings in the steps above remain the same with the additional options listed below.

  1. CA Certificate. In the drop-down below, select "Use system certificates".
  2. Online Certificate Status.  In the drop-down below, there should be 3 options to choose from: Require certificate status, Request certificate status, and Do not validate.
    It is recommended to select either Require or Request certificate status.  This will protect against any potential rogue WiFi access points that may be broadcasting the "MVCC" WiFi network as well as your credentials leaking to other legitimate networks that just happen to be named "MVCC".  MVCC WiFi authentication will always present a certificate with the name "networkauth.morainevalley.edu" that is signed by a trusted public Certificate Authority.
  3. Domain.  In the text entry below, enter "morainevalley.edu", without quotes.


Windows Phone

  1. Home or Apps screen > Settings > WiFi. Be sure your WiFi is on.
  2. Select “MVCC” network.
  3. At Sign In prompt, enter your username and password (same as MVConnect). Do not change any other option.
  4. Touch “done.”
  5. At “Certificate” screen, the certificate presented should be from “networkauth.morainevalley.edu.” Touch “Trust” in the upper right, and you will be connected to WiFi.


Windows 8/10/11

  1. From your laptop, right-click or touch the “Internet Access” icon in your system tray on the lower-right.  It also may appear as a WiFi signal icon if you have connected to the Guest network.
  2. You should receive a wireless networks list. Be sure your WiFi is on.  Select "MVCC".
  3. Another window may open with a username and password prompt. Enter your MVCC username and password (same as MVConnect) and click OK.
  4. You will receive another screen asking if you wish to continue connecting and if you expect to find "MVCC" in this location. You may verify the certificate by clicking "Show certificate details".  The certificate "Issued to:" name should be networkauth.morainevalley.edu and the current (as of 5/10/2023) server thumbprint should be: ‎b8 f8 55 71 b4 bb c0 64 30 41 bc d9 19 53 d1 d7 08 0d 63 b4.
    Click Connect and you will be connected to the WiFi. 
  5. Note: Authentication is required only once a semester, or whenever your password to your Moraine Valley user account is changed.


The MVCCGuest WiFi network now requires users to select a method of authentication.  The new portal login screen will display several options for convenient user log in.  All login methods will grant a guest user 8 hours of access to the MVCCGuest WiFi network.  Staff, Faculty and Students should continue to use the MVCC WiFi network and log in with their standard username and password.

After agreeing to the Terms of Service and checking the box, users may select any of the available Social Media, Amazon, or Microsoft Account logins and be directed to the respective services’ login page.  The user will be notified of the information being shared, which will typically be name, email address and profile picture. 

The “Sign in with Text Message” option allows a user to enter a phone number and select their mobile carrier to receive a code via text message they will then need to enter.
After agreeing to the Terms of Service and checking the box, click "Sign in with Text Message". Enter your name and email address, and then from the Mobile Carrier dropdown, select your carrier.  Enter your 10-digit phone number, without any dashes or spaces, and click "Send Access Code".


The log in will change and have a text box to enter your Access Code.  Once your mobile phone receives an SMS with your access code, enter it into the Access Code text box, and click Sign In.

NOTE:  Please ensure you have adequate signal from your mobile phone provider and can receive text messages. 
If you do not receive a code after a minute or so, you can try the "I did not receive the code" link below the sign in button, to send another code.
If the login session on your device times-out before you receive the SMS code, "Forget" the MVCCGuest network and reconnect to it, then select "Sign in with Text Message" again, but this time check the "I have an Access Code" box, and you will be prompted to only enter the Access Code.  The Access Code is valid for 10 minutes.


Additional Resources

If you have questions about the above instructions, please reach out to the Moraine Valley Help Desk. The Help Desk can be reached by visiting the “Services” tab at the top of this page, emailing helpdesk@morainevalley.edu, or calling 708-608-HELP (708-608-4357).

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