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Microsoft Office 365 is available for current non-adjunct Faculty & all Staff members. You may use this Microsoft Office 365 license through the duration of your employment at Moraine Valley Community College. If your employment at Moraine Valley should come to an end, this copy of office will deactivate and you will be offered an opportunity to purchase a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Downloading and Installing Office will allow you access to:

To receive your free copy, please follow the steps below:


These are the steps that must be followed.

  1. Step 1:  Visit in your web browser. 


    Step 2:  An Office 365 login page will appear.


    Step 3:  Log on with your full Moraine Valley email address and password (example: This allows you to access the license created for you by Moraine Valley Community College.

    Step 4:  Once logged in, you will arrive at your Home page for Office365. Click on the "Install Office" button in the upper-right corner and select "Office 365 apps" to download the Office365 installer. 


    Step 5:  Your web browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari) will ask you to save the file to your downloads. It may look slightly different depending on the browser you are currently using.  

    Click on "Save File". This will save it to your default downloads folder. You must stay connected to the Internet while downloading. This download may take a while depending on your Internet connection speed. 

    Follow the on-screen directions to begin the installation.


    Step 6:  A security warning may appear. Click on "Run" to continue the installation. 


    Note: Be Patient! Office 365 is a large program, and it may take a while to finish installing. 

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