Install Office 365 for Student Use


This article will show student's how to install Office 365 


These are the steps that must be followed.

Step 1. Open a Browser and go to (Microsoft Office 365 Login site)
Click the Sign In button

Step 2.  You will be re-directed to sign in at Moraine Valley’s Login page
Enter your student username & password and Click Sign in Button

Step 3. Click the Check Box – Don’t show this again​​​​​​​
Click Yes (to stay signed in on a personal device)


Step 4. Office 365 window will be launched

Step 5. Click the App Launcher icon (top left icon in window)

Step 6. Click the Office 365 --> Link (upper right in window)

Step 7. Click the Install Office Button

Step 8. Choose the type of Install – Office 365 Apps (Full Suite) or Other Install Options (Custom Install)
Click the Office 365 Apps

Step 9. A window with the Setup file is displayed

Step 10. Click the Setup file at the bottom of the screen

Step 11. Click “Yes” to start installing

Step 12. Stay online while Office downloads

Step 13. You will be prompted once the installation is finished

Step 14. Click the Close Button

Step 15. Click the Start Button to view your apps in the Windows Start Menu
Launch one of the applications and enter your Moraine Valley credentials to Activate the software.

Additional Resources

For additional information please contact the Moraine Valley Help Desk
Phone: 708-608-4357
Location: T Building, Room 520 

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