How to Access the New Faculty Self-Service


This article will show you how to access the new Faculty Self-Service.


These are the steps that must be followed to access the new faculty self-service.

1. Login to MVConnect.
2. Click on Faculty and Staff.
3. You will see the new menu item under Faculty > Faculty Information.

4. Click on NEW Faculty Self-Service. This will bring you to the new landing page.

5. Click on a section to view the roster. This is the Section Details page.
6. On the Section Details page, you can view each student’s name, student ID, and email address.
7. You can also Print the roster, Email all students and Export the roster to Excel.


Additional Resources

If you experience issues with Self-Service, please contact the Help Desk at (708) 608-4357 for assistance.

Faculty Self-Service Training video

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