Updating 3M Coding


The purpose of this article is to show how to manually update 3M Coding. The best time to update 3M is on Fridays and Weekends, as there are no students or faculty/staff using 3M.

How To

These are the steps that must be followed:

Step 1: Open the Remote Desktop Connection App.

Step 2: Enter the 3M Hosts' IP Address in the 'Computer' field- *This may be a different IP than pictured*.

Then select 'Connect'.

Step 3: You will then be asked to log into the 3M Host with your MVCC Credentials - Please enter your MVCC Password here.

Select “OK”.

Step 4: On the next screen you will be asked to select 'Ok' once again.

Step 5: Once you are on the desktop of the 3M host, open the 3M CRS Update Manager.

Select 'Yes' on the next screen.

Step 6: This is the 3M CRS Update Management Tool - This is what we use to update 3M when new updates are available.

Installed Release: = The current installed version of 3M.

Available Releases: = Will show the most recent updates 3M has released.

Step 7: Select the drop down for the Available Releases field and select the most recent version release. If at the time of updating, we are behind on our updates, please refer to the 3M Updates Page via the 3M website and review the version requirements for the most recent update release before updating 3M.

Once you have selected the most recent update, click 'Start'

Step 8: Allow a few moments for the update to initiate - Once the Update Manager is ready to perform the update, you will see the 3M Update Summary - These are all of the packages that will be installed with the new 3M update.

Once you are ready to perform the update - Select 'Perform Update'

This will take several minutes.

Step 9: Once the update is complete, you will see 'Update Complete.' in the Update Manager. From there, you have successfully manually updated 3M.


For more assistance with 3M, please contact the Help Desk at (708) 608-HELP (4357).


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