Exchange 2016 Webmail Update

Welcome to Exchange 2016! While you may not notice much difference using Outlook there are a number of new features with the Web App. The new interface has been updated for mobile devices and includes several new features for computers. Let’s dive in!

New Interface

Exchange 2016 includes a simplified interface.

  • Select the square icon in the top left to switch between Mail, Calendar, People, and tasks.
  • After selecting an email the action bar now displays Delete, Archive, Junk, Sweep, Move to, and Categories.
  • The new feature “Sweep” allows to perform actions on a specific email sender. For example, you can choose to keep messages from a person for a set amount of time, only keep the latest message, or delete all message from this sender.
  • The new feature “Archive” allows you to store an email message in another folder (Not the inbox)
  • There is now a dedicated undo button in the top right.
  • Link previews are now included in emails. If you include a hyperlink in an email a preview of the page will automatically be generated in the email.

If you have any questions or issues with the new interface please contact contact the Help Desk


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