PC VPN: Accessing the Moraine Network from Home (using GlobalProtect)

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GlobalProtect is a software program installed on Moraine-issued computers. This program will allow you to access files on the MVCC network as well as specific applications, such as Colleague. If you are accessing other applications, such as Canvas, MVConnect, or Panopto, you are able to do so from any computer. It does not have to be Moraine-issued.
NOTE:  As of November 18th, 2022, the GlobalProtect user authentication was changed to utilize the same Single-SignOn (SSO) used for other Moraine Valley services and Cloud apps.  The screenshots in this documentation have been updated to reflect the new screens.


Follow the steps below to get started. These instructions apply to Windows PCs only.

Connecting to GlobalProtect 

Step 1. On a Moraine-issued computer, connect to your personal home Internet network.

Step 2. Click on the search icon (magnifying glass) and start to type “GlobalProtect.” The application should pop up after typing the first few letters.

Step 3. Click on “GlobalProtect” to launch the software.

Step 4. The software will appear on the lower-right of your screen.  It should say “Not Connected.” Click Connect.

Step 5a. Global protect will indicate that a browser window will be opening.  A Microsoft Azure SSO login screen like the one used for other Microsoft Cloud based services, such as Office 365, will open in a new window. If you have not previously signed into any other Cloud apps, you will be asked to type in your username, which is your Moraine Valley email address.

Step 5b.  If you have previously signed in to other Cloud apps, your email address should be selectable.  Please select your Moraine Valley email address.

Step 6.  The Login screen will then indicate that it is "Taking you to your organization's sign-in page".  You will then get the standard Moraine Valley Login form with your email address pre-populated.  Enter your Moraine Valley password and click Sign In.


Step 7. If your user account is configured for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Global Protect will prompt you to "Approve sign in request".  You will be prompted on your MFA device to approve sign in.

If successful, the screen will read “Connected. You are securely connected to the corporate network.”


1. If you experience technical difficulty, please repeat the steps in the "Connecting to GlobalProtect" section.

2. If you experience your client not proceeding from the "Connecting" state:

Open Global Connect from your system tray, select the menu and then settings. From the General tab, under account, select “Sign Out” and restart your P.C.

Additional Resources

For more information, please contact the Help Desk at (708) 608-4357.


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